Wilmer Watch 5/25

For the second time this year, our guy Wilmer has been traded.  This time to the Tampa Bay Rays for some pitcher named Peter Bayer.  Peter has a 18.00 ERA this year which is a bit troubling because Wilmer is the best bad relief pitcher of all time.  At least Wilmer can have fun in Tampa and try not to give up 5 home runs for this team.  YAY! Go Wilmer.

Wilmer Watch 5/24

Everyone’s favorite pitcher had some bad news happen to him on Wednesday.  He got designated for assignment after Khris Davis got hurt and Franklin Barreto got brought up from Triple-A.  Poor Wilmer.  Hope he gets a nice chance for a team that wants him to come into a  game that isn’t already a blowout and expect him to give up a home run (which he did 10 times this year).

LAD 0 2 11.32 6 0 0 10.1 18 13 13 5 1 7 1.84
OAK 0 0 14.85 4 0 0 6.2 13 11 11 5 4 9 2.55

ABA Free Agents and Possible Landing Spots

Name Pos. 2018 Team Possible Team
White Doggey PG Dogville Dogville
Ponzoe SG Dogville Tootville
Kanga SF Dogville Dogville
Easter Bunny SG Dogville Niff Doo
Otto SF Dogville Scratch Doo
Doogey PF Dogville/Nip Oo/Scratch Bone Dogville
Ruff PG Pudle Nip Doo Dogy
Bunny Hop SF Sniffville Sniffville
Brown Doggey SG Dog Bone Dogville
Huckle G/F Dogville/Dog Nip Arf Toot
Elephant SF Doo Pudle Pudle Nippy

Dogville Eliminated In Game 7

The Dogville Bones were eliminated Friday evening at the hands of the Dooville Niffles as they lost 92-89. The two teams were playing back and forth throughout the first three quarters but Dooville came up clutch in the 4th to take the series.  Dogville had a chance to tie the game with 1.2 seconds left in the 4th with a Kanga three but her shot hit the side of the rim and was rebounded by Lambey to finish off the series and advance Dooville to the conference finals.  Bee Bear opened hot in the first quarter and finished with 10 assists.  The most interesting stat line was Bunny Hop who did not score a point and shot 0-7 but had 7 rebounds and 13 assists.  Dogville head coach Star Fish spoke with reporters after the game,  “We had one of the best seasons in the history of this franchise.  We should be so proud of ourselves.” Dogville defeated number 3 seed Doo Nip in the first round and were very close to beating the number 2 seed in Dooville.  If they had won this game, then they would have gone on to face the best team in the west in Tootville.  Dogville will have a large amount of free agents this off season including SF Kanga, SG Ponzoe, and SF Beep Bear and they will try to continue the momentum of these playoffs into the 2018-19 season.

ABA Conference Finals

Tootville wins 4-2

Game 1: Tootville 103, Dooville 95

Game 2: Tootville 98, Dooville 93

Game 3: Dooville 121, Tootville 98

Game 4: Tootville 105, Dooville 102

Game 5: Dooville 95, Tootville 82

Game 6: Tootville 97, Dooville 89

Pudle Nippy wins 4-3

Game 1: Pudle Nippy 107, Scratch Bone 103

Game 2: Scratch Bone 102, Pudle Nippy 86

Game 3: Pudle Nippy 110, Scratch Bone 95

Game 4: Scratch Bone 115, Pudle Nippy 107

Game 5: Pudle Nippy 98, Scratch Bone 86

Game 6: Scratch Bone 104, Pudle Nippy 99 OT

Game 7: Pudle Nippy 110, Scratch Bone 106

ABA Semifinals

Tootville wins 4-0

Game 1: Tootville 120, Niff Doo 97

Game 2: Tootville 96, Niff Doo 91

Game 3: Tootville 109, Niff Doo 83

Game 4: Tootville 106, Niff Doo 93

Dooville wins 4-3

Game 1: Dogville 95, Dooville 84

Game 2: Dooville 121, Dogville 110

Game 3: Dooville 79, Dogville 76

Game 4: Dogville 101, Dooville 88

Game 5: Dogville 101, Dooville 91

Game 6: Dooville 93, Dogville 66

Game 7: Dooville 92, Dogville 89

Pudle Nippy wins 4-1

Game 1: Pudle Nippy 107, Oo Dog 103

Game 2: Pudle Nippy 101, Oo Dog 97

Game 3: Oo Dog 116, Pudle Nippy 110

Game 4: Pudle Nippy 127, Oo Dog 115

Game 5: Pudle Nippy 103, Oo Dog 88

Scratch Bone wins 4-2

Game 1: Firehidrant 106, Scratch Bone 101

Game 2: Scratch Bone 114, Firehidrant 92

Game 3: Scratch Bone 106, Firehidrant 101

Game 4: Firehidrant 110, Scratch Bone 83

Game 5: Scratch Bone 110, Firehidrant 104

Game 6: Scratch Bone 107, Firehidrant 102