Doo Pudle Signs Scratch Pudle to a 10-day Contract

After getting waived in December, Scratch Pudle is trying to make a comeback to the ABA. Scratch started out strong with Dogville at the start of the season but struggled until his release. This time he has agreed to a 10-day contract with Doo Pudle.  It is unknown if Scratch will get any playing time because Doo Pudle has only 14 players and needed another one because of regulations. Scratch is averaging 0.9 PPG and 0.6 RPG in 39 games.

Explaining The ABA Draft Rules

The ABA has a very interesting way of drafting and some people do not understand it.  Here is a helpful guide on how it works:

  • Any player who has no days on the active roster during the previous season becomes part of the draft.
  • A player with less than 5 years of experience who is injured for the entire season still gets put in.
  • Any rookie.
  • If a player is suspended for the year, they do not get put in.
  • The draft takes place on April 7 and is broadcasted on DSPN.
  • A player with more than 5 years of experience who is injured for the entire season is not put in.
  • The total of draft slots changes every year.

Doogey Signed To 10-Day Contract

Dogville has signed power forward Doogey Pudle to a 10-day contract. A month since being with three team in two weeks, Pudle will try to regenerate her career. She was on Dogville this year until getting traded to Dog Nip for Little Bear. After that she was waived and signed with Nip Oo’s D-League team. 10 days later, she was signed by Scratch Bone but was waived again. She is averaging  4.6 PPG with Dog Nip and 2.6 PPG with Dogville this year.

Monkey Bananas, Poo Poo Panda Sent To D-League

After signing G Little Bear to a 10-day contract on Saturday night the Dogville Bones had to send players to the D-League to make space.  They chose C Monkey Bananas and PG Poo Poo Panda.  Monkey had been playing mostly a fourth-string role behind Mr. Dog, Fuzz Bear, and Nico.  Monkey had been playing a backup role throughout the season  and had been struggling lately.  Poo Poo was brought up from the D-League after Scratch was waived and Yellow Doggey was traded away to Doo Dog.  Poo Poo had been missing most of his shots which was another reason.  There is now a 15 player limit on the roster until the end of the season.

Nip Puppy @ Dogville Injury Report

Nip Puppy

Mad Bear: Sprained ankle; Questionable. Mad Bear left a game against Dogville after just 8 minutes when he was driving to the basket.

Bunny Hop:  Shoulder; Probable. Bunny Hop was fouled on a put back against Dogville and was shaken up on the play. He is going to play.


Sally Cat: Dislocated tail; Questionable. During a fast break Sally was stepped on by a player against Pudle Nip and came out with 5:34 in the 4th.  She got the tail popped back in but it has been bothering her throughout practice.

Nip Puppy Signs Boing To Second 10-Day Contract

After Boing Chicken’s contract expired on Friday night Nip Puppy re-signed her according to Sniffle Toot of the Dogville Woof.  Nip Puppy announced on Tweater at 6:43 p.m. that they had signed her to a second ten-day contract.  She is averaging 4.7 points per game in 6 games and 1 start.  She was undrafted out of DSU in the 2017 draft and was in the Summer League with Doo Pudle but was waived on October 8.  Boing was signed on February 20 because Sally Cat was traded to Dogville for Doogey Pudle  and Bear Honey and Nip Puppy needed help on defense.  The need became even greater when Mad Bear went down with a foot injury against Oo Pudle.  It is unlikely that she will be signed to a rest of season contract but she has shown off her skills for the ABA and will probably sign with a team for the Summer League in July.